News monitoring Service

Bespoke tracking Service - the news of your industry filtered to your relevance

Don’t overload on information, just focus on what is critical for you to know

Don't get taken by surprise and lose any competitive advantage you may have! Today it is important that you know what is going on in your market place concerning your customers, partners, suppliers, competitors and the environment.

Especially when the developments seem to go faster than the ink of newspapers dries.
Consider this question - is the market asking for new products?

The World Wide Web is a wonderful creation on which you can waste a lot of your valuable time trying to find the info you need.  There are so many sources, opinions and thoughts that the flow of information can leave you feeling light headed with so much to digest and no time to do it.  Even worse, you will be spending money on items that you never read.

We aim to remove the hassle and frustration by offering a customerised 90 day rolling tracking service that manages the flow of information, keeping it fresh and topical. You can focus on your own work whilst having the external world delivered to your desktop.

Working with you and your colleagues we document the areas of interest and put in place a series of tracking alerts. We then filter the results, only posting the most relevant based on your company’s information requirements. This process is refined with your input on a regular basis. The basic service is 50 keywords tracked for 12 months.

Want to know more? Give us a call or drop us a line and someone will be in touch soon to discuss your requirements.