Welcome to 'de Informatieman'

Valuing information and generating actionable intelligence”.

De Informatieman offers a wide range of information and business intelligence services to meet many of your needs. In collaboration with (inter)national Business Intelligence consultants, we are focused on enabling our clients to make informed decisions.

We work with partners on the ground in China, (Eastern) Europe, India and Latin America. We have approximately 30 years of experience in information searching and business intelligence investigations. In addition we can call upon an extensive network of experts/professionals on a per project basis.

We specialize in delivering timely, accurate and quality information and analysis for the chemical and related industries in the technical, techno-commercial and commercial areas.

We talk with you to analyse your thoughts, ideas & to breakdown complex issues your business is facing.

To make sure that we understand your information and intelligence needs we start by asking you the right questions.

We then use our knowhow and expertise to provide solutions and find the answers.

But don’t take our word for it; click here for some comments from satisfied clients.