Business Intelligence

We work global, with partners in most regions around the world. Our business intelligence service covers a wide range of activities, from market investigation to competitor profiling to technology analysis.

Our first step on any assignment is to clarify what it is you need to know and why you need to know it, a critical step to avoid wasting time and money. The projects are aimed at understanding issues that impact your business in either a positive or detrimental way and enable you to react to those situations in a timely fashion.

We apply standard investigation techniques to elicit the intelligence following strict moral and ethical guidelines. Investigations may contain either primary or secondary research or be a combination of both. When applicable we will even look internally, to identify what knowledge and information is present within your own company.  All internal and externally found information and facts will be collated, analysed and presented in a format of your choice to enable you to make informed decisions.

Our reach: Typical assignments include market segmentation, manufacturing investigation, strategic company reviews and technology platform assessments. We also run competitive workshops and offer advice and guidance on effective competitor watches and processes.

To learn more or request we undertake a business intelligence assignment – contact us