We Aim to be the Information & Intelligence Service Partner of Choice

Information/intelligence department or charged with delivery of such services?

Some organisations have their own dedicated internal information / market intelligence department or employees that have the responsibility of providing information/ intelligence as part of their overall task portfolio. Regardless of the setup we offer:

  • additional resource at those busy times
  • operate services on your behalf
  • dovetail our services with existing internal services to widen the choice available to the organisation
  • Development of websites for intranet and internet in both Dutch and or English

No internal resources but you need information or need to supply information to customers / clients?

Working Together: We are here to help you by assuming the role of an information/intelligence department for an organisation that needs to be able to provide such service to its clients/members or to support internal growth of small or medium enterprizes. Operating under the Company’s logo we will service the internal or external customer base as directed.
An extra option in our partnership programme is Vendor management / Information audits.

Like to learn more about our partnership programme?