Information Audits / Vendor management

Matching your needs to sources using our expertise

There are many information sources, many information providers and the internet of course. With multiple contacts points information providers are unaware of the relationship between individuals or business teams and treat each client as a separate entity rather than as one. We aim to maximise the value of information purchasing by performing an information audit to collate what you are purchasing and matching that against your needs. We do this to

  • Check if it is the best resource to be using.
  • Distribute the resources you are purchasing as wide as possible under the licenses of agreements with vendors.
  • And in many cases this leads to reduction of your information purchasing costs.

We will also make recommendations to fill the gaps in your information needs, outlining the viable options, the associated costs and if instructed, negotiate with information providers to maximise value of any external spends on your behalf.

‘There are many information sources’

It is very easy for an organisation to lose track of employees purchasing information on a regular basis, e.g. journal subscriptions, off the shelve market research reports, access to online databases and involvement in multiclient studies.

Not only does this lead to repeat purchasing of the same information but the organisation buying power is diluted.

But there is more. We not only offer advice and support in the choice of which information assets to use. We also advise, support and guide the set-up of your intranet (choices of technology) and the selection and management of content. If you would like us to work with you to streamline your information purchasing and maximise the value Contact Us.