Profile Services

Expose Threats, Grab Opportunities and Play to your Strengths

In today's industry many companies have changed following acquisitions, mergers and divestments. Understanding the relationship and connection between businesses is important especially if a competitor's sister business is a key customer or supplier. Understanding your customer is key to winning and retaining a business relationship.

Putting the Pieces together

We currently offer two types of profiling – Snapshot and In-Depth.

Snapshot  - Snapshot - a two page summary of a company highlighting strategy, mission & objectives. Also including key individuals, latest financial figures & activity and a manufacturing footprint. Clients who buy these reports are often looking for a quick overview with some history combined with recent news highlights for example, a potential customer that the client will be visiting.

In-depth - detailed profile of a company’s activities. This report includes a strategy overview (including a Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat (SWOT) analysis), its market position, market share and manufacturing capability; product portfolio & technology platform; the financial position and the company’s future growth prospects. Clients who buy these reports are often looking for a clear and comprehensive view on their competitor or key customer and in such cases a snapshot is too shallow.

Profiles in combination with the tracking service are an ideal package to keep you ahead of the game. To discover more about the profile service or the combination of profiling and industry tracking contact us today.